Electronics Industry Anti-counterfeiting Nov 2014 Update

Electronics Industry Anti-counterfeiting Nov 2014 UpdateElectronics Industry Anti-counterfeiting Nov 2014 Update – Whether you are a manufacturer of electronics equipment or an importer of components, the issue of counterfeit electronic components is becoming more significant every month. Indeed, the anti-counterfeiting forum has been notified of 175 incidents so far this year and globally the number is running at around 1,300 per year. The industry view is that with component lead times extending, counterfeit incidences are likely to rise in the next year.So what is the electronics industry doing about this problem? Do you know where the potential risks are for your business? Do you know where to go for the information you need?

This guide has been compiled and recently updated by Ian Blackman of the Component Obsolescence Group, together with Mark Shanley and Roger Rogowski, two leading experts in this area.

The guide contains the following information:

  • Details of the organisations that are coordinating to tackle the problem
  • The latest demands by the US DoD and UK MoD on Defence Contractors
  • New specifications laid down by The Society of Automotive Engineers in the USA
  • How to keep track of all the latest standards
  • The 3 online databases of suspected counterfeit components you need to check out
  • 4 steps you can take to protect your business from counterfeiting


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