Everything you need to know about Low Silver Solders

Are you looking for solders with improved shock performance and lower cost? Are you up to speed with Low Silver Solders?

Everything you need to know about Low Silver Solders

Low Silver Solders Knowledge Summary

Low silver lead-free solders are second-generation Tin Silver Copper (SAC) alloy lead-free solders containing 0-1{120c34026d7b1c228003d9b05d386cb66cd5606d09d8d1599f58d8ccdc2bb681} silver rather than the
conventional 3-4{120c34026d7b1c228003d9b05d386cb66cd5606d09d8d1599f58d8ccdc2bb681}. Typical formulations are SAC105, SAC0307 and SnCu+.
These technologies are being increasingly implemented globally for electronics assembly.
They have better shock resistance in BGA’s used for portable products and are lower cost, particularly in wave and hand soldering.
Several variations are commercially available, differentiated mainly by use of different additive technologies to improve performance.This Knowledge Summary provides:

  • Details of commercially available low silver solders
  • 9 studies from around the world on the performance of low silver solders
  • Details of studies on:
    • Microalloying additions
    • Drop shock performance
    • Thermal cycling performance
    • Processability
    • Cu dissolution
    • Alloy test requirements and standards
  • Information on long term reliability of low silver solders

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