Fire Testing Comparison Chart

Fire Testing Comparison Chart – Learn which fire testing technique may be applicable to you with our helpful comparison chart.

Fire Testing Comparison ChartWhen manufacturing products, they need to be able to withstand certain aspects of a fire and be as least flammable as possible. Do you know what testing technique would ensure your products are not highly dangerous during a fire?

Fire testing can determine how a material will react during a real-scale fire and identify certain properties such as how quickly they begin to burn and the amount of smoke they produce. Knowing these attributes means products can be developed so they are less flammable, safer in the event of a fire and meet local, state or national building product codes.

Fire Testing Comparison Chart:

This comparison chart covers five fire-testing techniques along with what they determine and why that test might be the most suitable for your products or materials. You will learn:

  • Which fire test is suitable for identifying different fire burning properties
  • The standards these tests are carried out to
  • How the testing technique is applied to the sample material/product

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