Guide to Zinc Stannates in Halogen-Free Polymers

 Are you working on low smoke zero halogen (LS0H) polymers?

 The demand for flame-retardant polymer formulations that are halogen-free has grown rapidly, particularly in application areas such as:

  • Underground transport
  • Aerospace
  • Shipping
  • Mining
  • Electrical installations

Guide to Zinc Stannates in Halogen-Free PolymersThis  comprehensive, 7-page guide provides  helpful information on the use of ZHS and ZS in ‘low smoke zero halogen’ polymer formulations.

ZHS and ZS were initially developed as synergists for PVC and other halogen-containing polymers, having clear benefits over antimony trioxide particularly with regard to low toxicity and smoke suppression.

More recently, they have found increasing usage in halogen-free polymers, where they tend to be used as synergists with other FR types, particularly hydrated fillers (ATH and MGH) but also with some phosphorus / nitrogen FRs.

In the case of inorganic fillers, the use of ZHS and / or ZS can often allow significant reductions in overall filler loading to be achieved with no compromise in FR properties and with the additional benefits of easier processing, and improved physical / mechanical properties.

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