ITRI Innovation Open Day – Wed 14th October 2015

ITRI Innovation Open Day – Wed 14th October 2015 – Once again we are holding an Electronics Testing Open Day and Seminar. This year it will be on Wednesday 14th October 2015.

The full list of speakers and topics are listed below.

Martin Shaw, MD of Reliability Solutions will be speaking on:

“How to improve defect detection in new product reliability testing”

The presentation will explain why companies must focus on STIMULATING defects through accelerated testing, as opposed to the traditional approach of trying to SIMULATE customer usage. The traditional approach misses many latent defects which will transform to patent defects in the early life period of customer usage. The presentation will show how to build a successful accelerated test approach.

Ian Blackman, Technical Manager, International Institute of Obsolescence Management will be speaking on:

“Proactive Obsolescence Management and Material Supply Issues in 2015” 

Proactive obsolescence management is now practised widely in many diverse industry sectors. Tools and processes are available to assist the project team plan for predicted obsolescence, coordinate redesign and capability upgrades, secure last time buys and reduce programme risks.
Recent well-meaning but impractical environmental legislation has made obsolescence planning more difficult. The legislation has also increased the occurrence of counterfeit parts in the supply chain. This presentation will explain how the best international companies are managing this problem.

There will be a presentation by Valpak, “Leading provider of environmental compliance, recycling and sustainability solutions”

“An Introduction to producer waste compliance – UK and overseas”

The presentation will cover International and UK compliance issues relating to Packaging, WEEE, Batteries, REACH and ESOS.

Mark Salt, LIA Laboratories (Lighting Industry Association) will be speaking on:

“LIA Verified and what’s required for lighting products in the UK market″ 

The presentation will cover the LIA Lab “Verified” scheme which carries out critical safety testing, photometric testing and product lifetime testing to verify a products safety and performance claims. This has been set up in conjunction with the Energy saving Trust (EST)

A synopsis is looking at the following:

• New technologies and how they affect the lighting market
• The challenges the new technologies present
• What we can do to support the industry
• Engaging with and educating the lighting supply chain
• The value of “Verified” products

 Steve Shaw, RAPRA (Rubber and Plastics Research Association) will be speaking on:

“Effective Routes to Innovation″

Highlighting the challenges that can inhibit innovation and describing ways smart companies overcome or avoid them.

Mark Higgins, Analytix Ltd will be speaking on:

“Thermal Analytical Techniques – the instrumentation and the benefits”

The presentation will provide a review of how thermal analytical instrumentation can help to provide useful information for quality control and research purposes.

This annual event has proved extremely popular and beneficial in the past and we welcome all those interested in finding out how to resolve technical issues quickly, bring products to market faster and gain peace of mind through testing.ITRI Innovation Open Day - Wed 14th October 2015

As usual, there will be an opportunity for a small group of companies to have samples tested free of charge. There will also be an opportunity to tour our facilities.

There are lots of reasons you might be interested in having a no-obligation tour of the facilities here at ITRI Innovation:

  • You already outsource some testing and would like to find an alternative supplier or a ‘backup’ option
  • You are considering purchasing a piece of equipment and would like to see it in action
  • You are considering using us and would like to get to know us better and perhaps work together on some test samples

Depending on the type of testing required, some companies prefer to send samples for us to test in advance. This means that the results are available for discussion on the day.

If this is of interest, please use the form on the right to register for the event.

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