What Causes Tin Whiskers & 5 Ways to Avoid Them

What Causes Tin Whiskers & 5 Ways to Avoid ThemTin coatings have many desirable qualities: they are easily applied, non-toxic, provide corrosion protection and have excellent solderability. Perhaps the only drawback of the coatings is that under certain circumstances spontaneous growths of metallic filaments, normally referred to as ‘tin whiskers’, can occur. Such whiskers have been identified as the cause of short circuit failures in low voltage equipment.

 So what causes tin whiskers ?

This eBook is the seminal work on what causes tin whiskers and includes the following:

• Types of material affected

• The growth of whiskers

• Factors that promote whisker growths

• Theories of whisker formation

• 5 Tips on damage prevention and remedial action

• Summary and recommendations

• References to more information.

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