Charpy Impact Testing Service

Charpy Impact Testing ServiceOur Charpy Impact Testing Service allows for resilience determination using tension.

It is carried out on a CEAST Resil Impactor Junior, which is a pendulum style tester designed specifically for impact testing tests ranging from 1 to 25 joule.

Charpy impact testing determines if a material is brittle or ductile by the amount of energy absorbed by the material during a fracture. The material sample is held in a three-point bending configuration whilst the pendulum is dropped to cause an impact. The absorbed energy is a measure of the material’s toughness. The more energy absorbed, the more ductile the material.

The Impactor Junior is one of the world’s most flexible impact testers. It is able to measure impact strength in accordance with a multitude of ASTM and International standards.

If you’re looking for a Charpy impact testing service, we have the expertise to help you interpret the results, whilst providing a fast turnaround time and very competitive rates.

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