Counterfeit Components Detection

Counterfeit Components Detection. Do you need to be absolutely certain a component is genuine? Has your customer found fault and is suggesting an electronic component is counterfeit?  Are you looking for counterfeit testing or counterfeit detection services?

Counterfeit Components Detection

The supplier of parts to the assembler may have absolutely no idea that the electronic components they are selling are counterfeit. The complexity of the electronics supply chain and the ingenuity of the counterfeiter mean it can be extremely difficult to detect that electronic components are counterfeit.

There are all sorts of reasons for needing to verify electronic components and ITA Labs can help you to find the most cost-effective approach to electronics counterfeit testing and electronics counterfeit detection.  Depending on your needs we can offer non-destructive testing methods.

The team of electronics experts at the ITA labs is supported by a well-equipped chemical and metallurgical analysis laboratory with more than half a million pounds worth of electronics counterfeit test equipment.

Counterfeit Components Detection A short video about counterfeit components detection can be viewed here.

This allows electronics counterfeit testing and electronics counterfeit detection projects to be completed at one facility through a single point of contact.

We would be delighted to show you around our UK laboratory facilities and in particular, how we carry out electronics counterfeit testing and electronics counterfeit detection projects.

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