Dye and Pry Analysis

Where it is impossible to resolve a problem with optical inspection the only alternative is to carry out a Dye and Pry Analysis test to confirm the presence of the defect and where it has occurred.

Dye and Pry AnalysisSometimes, continuity defects in printed circuit boards (PCBs) can be identified by optical inspection. Most times, the defect is so small, e.g., a hairline crack, that it is practically impossible to resolve using conventional inspection procedures. Without knowing the location, it is not possible to perform a microsection through the defect to characterise it.

Dye and Pry Analysis involves the immersion of a PCB into a highly penetrating dye (low viscosity). The penetrant Dye and Pry Analysis dye percolates into all the fissures and cracks and paints all available surfaces. The sample is then dried and the two surfaces mechanically levered apart. If a crack was present, the Dye & Pry Analysis dye would have painted the pathway where the crack had propagated through. In Ball Grid Array (BGA) joints, the Dye and Pry Analysis dye would paint the open joints where there is a discontinuity in the solder or the solder-pad interfaces, thus enabling us to see where on the BGA failure has occurred.

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