ED-XRF Analysis

The ED-XRF Analysis is a method for measuring the thickness of coatings and for analysing materials.

ED-XRF Analysis can be used for the qualitative and quantitative determination of the elemental composition of a material sample as well as for measuring coating thickness and coating systems. In both laboratory and industrial environments, the ED-XRF method is now well established and can be readily utilised with modern equipment.ITRI Innovation uses a Fischerscope XDAL XRF for ED-XRF analysis.

Typical applications:

  • RoHS Screening
  • Plating thickness measurements
  • Other XRF testing applications

ITA Labs UK laboratory is experienced at providing thickness measurement and material analysis, with a fast turnaround, at very competitive rates using a Fischerscope XDAL XRF.

A short video about ED-XRF analysis can be viewed below.

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