Electronics Testing Analysis

ITA Labs experts have been solving problems for the electronics industries for over 30 years.

Electronics Testing ServicesWe have worked with major international companies on device design, counterfeit detection, fault investigation and compliance to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), plus a host of long and short term reliability issues related to PCB production and end use. This has given our laboratory a clear insight into processes and their associated problems, from design and development through to manufacture and in-field performance.

Our UK labs can support a wide range of requirements including:

More specific support can also be provided for the following issues:

  • Assessing starting material quality
  • Short and long term reliability issues
  • Bond wire configuration
  • Lead frame pattern
  • Solder joint shorting
  • Open circuits
  • Void identification
  • Health and safety concerns
  • Wafer contamination problems
  • PCB defects and field failures
  • Solder joint strength
  • Adhesion, soldering and delamination issues
  • Accelerated component ageing
  • Application examples – measuring junction depths and profile shape
  • Locating and identifying interfacial contaminants in layer structures
  • Identifying organic contamination
  • Identifying particle contamination on devices and PCBs
  • Measuring surface roughness and topography on device structures
  • Investigating corrosion problems on IC contacts
  • Investigating solder mask contamination
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