Environmental Testing Services

Our Environmental Testing Services using an environment chamber allows the assessment of a component or product’s response to the physical and climatic conditions that may occur throughout its operating life.

ThermatronEnvironmental testing provides recognition of compliance, analysis and resolution of damage issues, together with assurance of reliability and durability.

Many engineering sectors carry out environmental tests as a regular part of product design and validation, including the electronics industry, medical and healthcare sectors, and defence, automotive, space and aerospace industries.

For full component and product environmental testing, ITA Labs has a variety of environmental test chambers for thermal cycling & humidity testing in addition to the capability for combined thermal, vibration and mechanical shock testing in a special environmental chamber.

Combined Thermal, Vibration and Mechanical Shock Test Capability

ITA Labs’ combined environmental test chamber provides the flexibility to adapt to changing environmental test requirements.

This type of environmental chamber was originally designed for defence and aerospace industry applications to perform a specific series of temperature, humidity and vibration tests conforming with MIL-STD 781 and MIL-STD 883.

It has now been adapted to perform reliability, qualification, and Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) tests for the electronics, automotive and telecommunications industries.

Environmental Test Chamber time slots can usually be booked to commence within 3 months.

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