Fire Retardant Material Additives Product Development

Do you recognise any of these challenges to fire retardant material product development?

  • Developing new high performance fire retardant products to meet customer needs and stay ahead of the competition?
  • Creating new formulations on environmental grounds to replace hazardous materials?
  • Re-formulating existing materials to meet new regulatory standards?

fire retardant material developmentFireproof’s testing & formulation services can help you reduce product development lead times.

How? Expertise and rapid testing

Our extensive experience and expertise help us to focus quickly on the right approach to meet performance criteria. Our knowledge of potential substances and their performance characteristics enables us to create successful new formulations in less time.

Using our in-house polymer processing and testing capabilities to carry out multiple tests enables us to refine that approach quickly, based on test results. We can carry out a complete set of fire tests as well as mechanical and electrical testing in-house. That means we can optimise your product for all the performance characteristics you require to achieve the best balance of performance overall.

New product development is an iterative process. The faster you can create a sample and test it, the more variations you can try. The more variations you test, the sooner you’ll achieve the performance characteristics you’re looking for.

It is the combination of expertise and rapid testing capability that makes ITRI the partner to choose.

The team has extensive experience having worked for high profile clients and on many government funded projects.

We would also be delighted to show you around our laboratory facilities.

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