Joint Strength Analysis Testing

Solder joints of different shapes and sizes can be destructively assessed by Joint Strength Analysis Testing to measure their strength and compare them with similar joints prepared by a different process in like for like joint strength analysis comparative testing.

Joint Strength Analysis TestingThe most common joint strength analysis test is the shear strength push method where a flat test face is pushed against the side of a chip component, like a resistor or capacitor, and the load to failure is recorded. There is also the option of the tweezers pull test, where the lead terminations are gripped by the tweezers and pulled until they are removed from the board, with the load again recorded.

Joint strength analysis testing is an important part of benchmarking exercises used to investigate the most optimum soldering process without sacrificing joint strength.

ITA Labs uses a Dage Series 4000 Joint Strength Analysis apparatus. ITRI Innovation’s UK laboratory is extremely experienced at providing joint strength analysis test results, with a fast turnaround, at very competitive rates.

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