Limiting Oxygen Index Testing (LOI)

Limiting Oxygen Index Testing (LOI), is a very widely used method for determining the relative flammability of polymeric materials.

Limiting Oxygen Index Testing (LOI)A numerical index, the LOI, is defined as the minimum concentration of oxygen, in a nitrogen/oxygen mixture, which is required to just support combustion of the test sample under conditions of the test.

The higher the value of the LOI the greater the fire retardancy.


The LOI test conforms to the following standards.

  • ISO 4589-2
  • BS2782 (part 1 method 141)
  • ASTM D2863


Sample dimensions:

Self-supporting sticks:

120mm x 7mm x 3mm

Sheet material:

120mm x 50mm

Limiting Oxygen Index testing can be carried out by ITA Labs UK laboratory which is experienced at providing test results with a fast turnaround at very competitive rates.

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