Metals Alloys Testing Analysis

Metals Alloys Testing Analysis

ITA Labs experts work with manufacturers on an international scale. Whether you are a producer of iron & steel, alloys, chemicals or corrosion resistant coatings, glass or cermets we are here to assist your business.

Metals Alloys Testing Analysis

Metals Alloys Testing Analysis

Our laboratories have test equipment that provides a comprehensive determination of the mechanical properties of engineering metal materials.

We provide a service from raw material validation, product and process optimisation to quality control and failure analysis. Using ITA Labs analytical and consultancy services can help you produce better metal alloys and component parts.

We provide a full UK laboratory suite of quality control procedures and tests, accredited to international standards. The labs have fully computerised information management systems which provide accurate and reliable results, password protected and encoded to guarantee security.


Our technical consultants work closely with you to optimise product and process performance. Should failures occur, we work quickly and effectively to analyse and diagnose problems in order to minimise downtime, improve product and material process efficiency and optimise quality.

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