Optical Microscopy Inspection

Our Optical Microscopy Inspection suite at ITA Labs offers a combination of stereo and polarised light optical microscopy to cater for a range of magnifications. As well as being often used as a quick prelude to electron microscopy, the optical microscopes compliment the microsectioning process, enabling accurate sampling prior to encapsulation and also allowing progress to be closely monitored.

Optical Microscopy Inspection

As a technique in its own right, optical microscopy is used as the inspection tool for checking markings on silicon chip dies in electronic component counterfeiting investigations and also for the analysis and measurement of plating thickness and coating thickness in microsections.

It can also identify defects and confirm the soldering on a PCB conforms to the IPC-A-610 standard when developing a new board or implementing a new process.

ITA Labs UK Optical Microscopy Inspection service is extremely experienced at providing optical microscopy test results, with a fast turnaround, at very competitive rates using a range of optical microscopes.

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