Polymer Analysis & Testing

Polymer Analysis & Testing

Within the polymer sector the issue of fire retardants is gaining an increasingly high profile at the moment. The need to demonstrate compliance with standards and to convince the general public of their safety means increasing pressure on fire retardant manufacturers and their customers.

Polymer Testing & Analysis LaboratoryThe laboratory team have extensive experience of fire retardant development and small scale polymer fire testing.

The laboratory has carried out polymer analysis and testing on a number of commercial projects for clients such as:

  • Almatis
  • Braskem
  • Catena Additives
  • Dow Corning
  • Van Mannekus
  • Joseph Storey & Co
  • William Blythe

The UK lab team has also been heavily involved in a wide range of government-funded projects in the area of fire testing and fire retardancy including: ENFIRO, HYBRID, FLAMTEX, HALFREE and STEELPROST.

ITA Labs’ formulation, polymer analysis & testing service can help you:

  • Reduce testing and product development lead times
  • Increase sales

ITA Labs Services

  • FR Product Development – product formulation & re-formulation
  • Fire Retardant Benchmarking
  • Small scale polymer testing
  • Fire & smoke tests
  • Mechanical tests
  • Electrical tests
  • Polymer processing (300 g -1 kg)

Testing carried out to international standards including, but not limited to:

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