Rheometry Testing Services

ITA Labs uses a TA Instruments Rheometer to conduct our Rheometry Testing Services, to measure shear rheology across various materials including polymers, metals and composites.

Rheometry Testing ServicesRotational rheometry determines the structural and compositional changes within a material, which can affect flow and deformation. A rheometer will replicate the flow and deformation that is typically found in extrusion and injection moulding. The controlling factors in flow and deformation can affect the stability and performance of a material.

The material sample is loaded into the gap in the measuring system, specifically designed to impose shear flow when rotated. Rotating, oscillating or applying a step function, which controls motor torque or position change, determines material sample characteristics.

Rheometry is commonly used for testing viscosity, however it can be used to determine other characteristics within a material, including:

  • Direct Strain Control
  • Direct Stress Control
  • Normal Force Measurement Accuracy
  • Shear Viscosity
  • Temperature Dependence
  • Elongational Viscosity
  • Stability
  • Elasticity
  • Wall Slip
  • Melt Fracture
  • Materials Selection
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Stress Relaxation
  • Flow Visualisation
  • Yield Stress
  • Thixotropy
  • Creep
  • Recovery

If you’re looking for a rheometry testing service, ITA LabsUK Laboratory is extremely experienced and has the expertise to help you interpret the results, whilst providing a fast turnaround at very competitive rates.

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