Vickers Hardness Testing Service

Vickers Hardness Testing ServiceOne of the most important physical properties that need to be measured in materials testing is hardness. Our Vickers Hardness Testing Service looks at the hardness characteristics of the sample will determine its uses and limitations, and its suitability for certain applications.

If you’re looking for a Vickers hardness testing service, we offer very competitive rates, with a fast turnaround time and we have the expertise to help you interpret the results if required. To discuss your potential requirements, call Mark on 01727 871316.

The Vickers Hardness test determines the hardness of a material and its ability to resist deformation from a standard source. Using a Diamond Head indentor, various loads are applied to the material. The hardness of the sample is then determined by the ratio of force applied, to surface area indentation. This technique can be used for all materials, irrespective of hardness, and loads vary according to the specific material sample.

Vickers hardness and other hardness testing methods are available at ITA Labs and cater for a wide range of materials with different hardness values e.g. polymers, alloys and ceramics. Rockwell Hardness Testing Service.

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