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Posted By: | Date: August 1st, 2014

Electronics Testimonials

Electronics Testimonials: 

“This report is the most comprehensive and well presented, we have ever received, with components.”

John Batey,  Astrium


“Just wanted to thank you and the team at ITA Labs for the excellent turn-around on these samples.I know Gore asked a lot of you to have this job processed as quickly as it was – your efforts are greatly appreciated by the team here in Dundee.  Great job – much appreciated !!”

David Milne, Qualification Engineer, W.L. Gore & Associates (UK) Ltd


“Thank you very much to you and your team for such a quick turnaround”

Nick Rice,  Consolite Technology Ltd.


“Thank you so much for doing these experiments so quickly, this is really helpful. The data is very good, and it’s a good sign that we see different micro-structure for the different samples.”

Dr Zlatka Stoeva, DZP Technologies Limited


“Many thanks for the quick turnaround of the testing for heavy metals please covey our thanks to Mark Dowling and his team.”

Martin Ringer, Market Surveillance and Dangerous Goods, VCA


“I am impressed with the quick service”

David Bonney, Pektron Group Ltd


“Fantastic news, thanks as ever for the first class service.”

“Thanks for the super fast turnaround and great images.”

Ian Walker, Operations manager, Princeps Electronics Ltd


“Thanks very much for this detailed report.  The quality of work here is very impressive.”

Johnny Trainor, Schrader


“The swift and professional response, as ever, was much appreciated and has confirmed a way forward for us.”

Sue Knight, Manufacturing Engineer, Surface Technology International Ltd


“Thanks for your quick response and additional data. Much appreciated!”

Duncan Murchie, Application Engineer – Spaceflight – W.L Gore Associates (UK) Ltd