Elemental Analysis Testing Service

Elemental Analysis Testing Service determine the identification, qualification and quantification of elements and elemental compounds within a sample material. Qualitative results determine what elements are present in the material and quantitative results determine the amount of each present element. Elemental bulk and trace analysis can detect elements from the percentage range to parts per billion.

ICPIf you’re looking for a elemental analysis testing service, ITA Labs UK Laboratory is extremely experienced and has the expertise to help you interpret the results, whilst providing a reliable service and fast turnaround at very competitive rates. To discuss your potential requirements, call Mark on 01727 871316.

The analysis process can involve both complex sample extraction and preparation alongside target and screening analysis. Material samples that can be tested for trace elements include metals, polymers, plastics, composites and fabrics.

There are various techniques that ITA Labs provide within elemental analysis that can be used for different applications:

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