NBS Smoke Density Test

The NBS smoke density test using a smoke box or NBS Smoke Chamber has long been the most widely used laboratory-scale method for measuring the smoke generated by burning materials.

NBS Smoke Density TestSmoke density test specimens may be burned horizontally or vertically and in either the flaming mode or the non-flaming (or smouldering) mode.

The specific optical density of the resulting smoke is determined photometrically.

Samples are usually tested for 10 minutes, (or longer if the maximum optical density has yet to be reached.)

The NBS Smoke Chamber (or smoke box) data is usually presented graphically as cumulative optical density versus time curves.

Maximum corrected specific optical density values are quoted either as Dmc, or as Dmc/g in which the values are normalised for sample mass consumed during the test.

The NBS Smoke Chamber conforms to the following Standards:

  • BS6401
  • ISO 5659-2
  • ASTM E662
  • NFPA 258

Sample dimensions: 76mm x 76mm x up to 10mm thick.

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