Polymer Mechanical Testing Service

Polymer Mechanical Testing ServicePolymer Mechanical Testing Service – Using the Instron 5569 tensile testing rig, various Polymer Mechanical tests can be conducted in order to determine the state of polymer characterisations such as strength, impermeability, thermal stability and optical properties.

Mechanical polymer tests will typically involve tensile, tear, shear, bend, peel, flexural, impact, compression, cyclic, creep, fatigue, friction, wear and adhesions properties analysis.

If you’re looking for a polymer mechanical testing service, ITA Labs’ UK Laboratory is highly experienced and has the expertise to help you interpret the results, whilst providing a fast turnaround at very competitive rates.

The testing of polymers and plastics includes rubbers, paints, coatings, advanced materials, elastomers, composites, films, adhesives and foams, which are applicable within many industries. All procedures conducted adhere to ASTM, ISO, DIN, TAPPI, GB, JIS, ANSI AND NAS standards and specifications. The testing of polymers of typically used for quality control, research and development, problem solving and failure analysis.

ITA Labs confidently use a range of techniques for polymer mechanical testing, including:

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