As the automotive and transport industry streamlines itself a lot of knowledge becomes lost; so when there is a need for technical advice and support there is no longer any in-house expertise- this is where the ITA Labs laboratory can help.

Working at the cutting edge of materials and material based technology, with highly qualified professionals able to provide independent, technical advice across a broad spectrum of industrial sectors and applications, ITA Labs is your partner.

Automotive & Transport Testing Analysis LaboratoryThanks to our materials expertise & knowledge of this increasingly competitive industry and the work we’ve done with clients throughout the supply chain, we can help you to be at the forefront of this technology, whilst improving quality and performance, driving down costs and complying with legislation.

We can carry out independent testing and analysis on automotive component parts over a range of environmental conditions for reliability, safety, performance and improvement reasons to both customer and industry standards.

From the initial concept to manufacturing support and on into performance/failure evaluation, ITA Labs will work with you to provide integrated solutions to your materials needs.

Some examples are:

  • Materials and surface characterisation
  • Surface evaluation of components when using alternative fuel types, such as biofuels and methanol
  • Friction and wear damage and investigation
  • Alternative materials specification, particularly non-metallic material for weight or recyclability reasons.
  • Analysis of paint, coating and corrosion problems
  • Corrosion issues
  • Fracture mechanics
  • Adhesive and joining / welding technology
  • Cleaning, degreasing and surface preparation
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