Electronics Benchmarking

Would you like to benchmark the performance of your products against those of your competitors? We can carry out a wide range of Electronics Benchmarking testing, anonymously, to give you impartial feedback on the relative performance of your electronics products.  This could be against a single or a wide set of criteria.Our benchmarking services can test individual components or a complete assembly. We can test for reliability in an appropriate environment or conditions or carry out tests against recognised standards.

Electronics BenchmarkingBenchmarking testing can be invaluable as part of the product development process to help you to develop market leading components or products. The results can be collated in a suitable independent report that can be a significant aid to your sales team in convincing customers of the relative merits of your products.

Our team of electronics experts is supported by a well-equipped chemical and metallurgical analysis laboratory with a wide range of test equipment. This allows electronics benchmarking projects to be completed at one facility through a single point of contact.

We would be delighted to show you around our laboratory facilities and in particular, how we carry out electronics benchmarking projects.

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