Today, world Energy consumption contributes to pollution, environmental deterioration, and global greenhouse emissions.

EnergyIncreases in consumption are driven by population growth and economic development that tend to increase energy use per capita. Thus the inevitable increase in population in the near future and the economic development that must necessarily occur in many countries pose serious implications to how we use energy and treat the environment.

Environmental Legislators have four important aspects to consider. They are:

  • Environmental impact
  • Consumption
  • Conservation
  • Fuel substitution

At ITRI Innovation, thanks to our materials expertise and testing capabilities our laboratory is able to provide the following testing and analysis services for the industry:

  • Measure the environmental impact of industrial emissions and pollution rates in soil
  • Waste identification
  • Gross calorific value: This value is important for fuels like waste materials used as an alternative fuel source, wood or coal which will usually contain some amount of water prior to burning
  • Waste leachate analysis of difficult to handle materials

Our lab can work with suppliers to develop clean technologies, thereby reducing carbon emissions and driving the move towards the development of future clean energy sources.

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